Meghalaya – India

So far we have covered following states of the India in our remote trip – Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, and Tripura. And now I’m in the Meghalaya.


The predominantly of land is covered with the commercial forestry industry. It borders Bangladesh to the south and west and Assam by north and east. Earlier, it was the part of Assam but later on in 1972, it became a new state. The important crops are potatoes, rice, maize, pineapples, bananas, papayas, spices etc. One of the interesting things of Meghalaya is, it has historically followed a matrilineality system; the youngest daughter inherits all wealth and she takes care of her parents.

You won’t be facing any language issue in Meghalaya, English is the official language. It’s majestic view of hill stations, spectacular waterfalls and dense forest is a heaven for nature lovers. So let’s make your mind empty and get ready to travel with me to Meghalaya, India.

  • Shillong

The capital of Meghalaya and the largest city of Shillong with 11 districts. Also known as ‘The Adobe of Clouds’ and ‘Scotland of the East’. In 2016, it voted as the ‘India’s Favourite Hill Station’. I know you won’t believe so let’s explore in details.

Latilum Canyon – One of most loved places by adventure lovers. Trekking at Latilum Canyon will give an another experience of trekking. The terrain is a bit difficult for maneuver but with the right tools and a firm grasps of the local guidance, it is a trek worth taking. The panoramic view of Meghalaya from the top is breathtaking. Mawlynnong Village – Asia’s cleanest village. There are few more majestic view places which are – Shillong Peak, Don Bosco Center of Indigenous Culture,  Elephant Falls, Sweet Falls, Spread Edge Falls, Mawphlang Falls,  Mawjymbuin Cave, India Orchidarium and Botanical Garden, Lady Hydari Peak, Crinoline Falls, David Scot Trail, World’s Lake, and Umiam Lake.

  • Cherrapunji

It is world’s second wettest place after Mawsynram. Cherrapunji, with it’s majestic view and picturesque landscape, made it one of the leading attractive places of India. I’m warning you, please carry all a cane to be safe while exploring Cherrapunji and its villages. One of the most loved and dangerous places of Cherrapunji is – Double Decker Living Root Bridge, Nongriat Village. Other places to explore in Cherrapunji are – Nohkalikoi Falls, Mawsmai Cave, Mawmlui Cave, Krem Phyllut Cave, Dain-Thlen Cave, Kynren Falls, Nohsngithiang Falls, Eco Park, Cherrapunji Theological College at Nongsawlia, and Khoh Ramhah or Basket of the Giant.

  • Tura

Tura is impeccably paved with the greenery of nature. Its lush unwind and the picturesque landscape are breathtaking.  The land of Tura will never disappoint you with its amazing beauty. It has the abundance natural beauty. There are following places which you visit – Balpakram National Park, Tura Peak, Ambula Peak, Nokrek National Park, Pelga Falls, Naphak Lake, Siju Caves, Wadagokgre, Rongbangdare Waterfalls, and Imlichang Dare Falls.

  • Williamngar

No, the great poet William Shakespeare hasn’t born here. It’s a place in Meghalaya. So if you are bird and nature lover then it must be on your list while your trip to Meghalaya. The dense forest and lush greenary make this place a sought destination for nature and adaventure lovers. It will not get tired of making you unmind. You can explore following places in Williamnagar – Simsang Nagar, Napak Lake, Naka-Chikong, Domre Falls, and Tasek Lake.

If you are not in hurry like or if nobody is waiting for you at home then there are few more interesting and stunning places in Meghalaya which you can add to your bucket list – Lalong Park in Jowai, Umiam Lake in Nonpogh, All Saints Chruch in Shillong, Mawthadrishan Peak in Nongstoin, Elephant Falls in Shillong, and Siju Cave in Tura.

I’m on my way to Jaipur but today, my hands are happy to write more than thounsands of the word. So let’s get involve in the festivals and celebrations of Meghalaya.

Khasi Festivals – the festival of music and dance. One of the most awaited festivals of Meghalaya. the people of Meghalaya are born with music and dance. Music and dance are their life only. They love it. And this festival is overwhelmed with the purity of heart and love of dance. On this festival, they can dance continuously for 24 hours. One of the basic form of Khasi music is ‘pawar’ which is more of chant; then a song and are often composed on the spot. The following dance forms which are well known for Khasi festivals – Shad Suk Mynseim Dance and Nongkrem Dance. Jaintia Festivals – one of the most colourful religious festival of Meghalaya which is being celebrated in July at Jowai. In Jaintia festivals is a group of festivals – Behdeinklam Festival, Loho Dance, and Chad Chukar. One more group of festivals is known as Garo Festivals. Which has following sub-festivals – DenBilsia, Wangala, Rongchu gala, Mi Amua, Mangona, Grengdik BaA, Jamang Sia, Ja Megapa, Sa Sat Ra Chaka, AjeaorAhaoea, Dore Rata Dance, Chambil Mesara, Do’KruSua, Saram Cha’A, and A Se Mania or Tata. Other festivals are – Auntum Festival, Strawberry Festival, and Ranikor Festival.

I think, you are also feeling hungry so let’s have food in Meghalaya.

One of the most popular dishes and my favrioute is – Jadoh. It is just a dish made of rice but red rice. Other dishes you must try are – Doh-Khlieh, Nakham Bitchi, Pumaloi, Doh-Neiiong, Tungrymbai, Pudoh, Minil Songa, Pukhlein, Sakin Gata, and Kyat. All dishes are awesome and aromatic not just Jadoh.

So, this was all about my remote trip to Meghalaya. Where I made a few of new friends while my stay in a PG. People of Meghalaya are sweet and simple. They believe in Gandhi’s philosophy of ‘Sada Jeevan Uch Vichar’. And yeah do not try to schedule your trip in monsoon else you won’t be able to explore anything the Meghalaya.

Cool, my hands are saying, ‘It’s enough about Meghalaya. Let’s write something else.’ So I have to leave for now.

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See you in Sikkim.



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