A Short Fiction – Married Couple

It’s been ten days I left my house, for an undefined destination. We, I and my husband were in a search of a peaceful place in India where even air cannot disturb us while sharing love, romance, feelings, talks, childhood stories, and much more. We were on a train which was heading to the Karela but we didn’t book any place to stay in Karela.

He was looking outside from train’s window and I was laying down in his lap. My heart was somewhere, where only we both are.

‘John, what are you looking outside?’
‘Nothing baby, just thinking about our next destination.’

‘I do not need any destination except your heart. I can spend my next all life in your heart only. John, you are my world, your heart is my home, and I see our heaven in your eyes’, I couldn’t stop my heart and feelings to express. He is Anechoic Chamber (World’s quietest place made by man). He doesn’t know how to express feelings but, he can buy an ocean of feelings where I can take shower in his love, he can write an immense number of books about his love for me.
‘I know but once come out of your imagination you will see how things take their place in this world’, he always believes in the real world, not like me who lives in an imaginary world. His hands moved from train’s window to my head. He loves my bobbed hair and it’s incredible smell.

‘Umm. But can we not travel the world like this?’ I didn’t need any physical place to stay, any glamorous life to enjoy, anyone in life to stay with except him. He is my everything including – the joy of life, an ocean of happiness, waterfall of smiles, departed flight of sadness, the night of unlimited hours of romance, and arrived train of gifts.
‘We can but do you know few things are not possible on the train?’ His smile after a flirting sentence gives me a hope of bringing someone to our family. He never misses a chance of throwing a smile on my face from his waterfall of smiles. When I met him for the first time in a club, he was a tranquil river of flirting but as days pass, he started showing tsunami of good flirting.

‘If I’m not wrong, you said what I am thinking?’ My soul started mumbling. Lips were trying to come out of the cage. Hands were fighting with his hands. Eyes were not able to blink.
‘Exactly!’ His expecting face might be waiting for my response. His eyes might be waiting for to close. His lips might be waiting for my overwhelming feelings to come out like a river to get into the sea.

‘Can’t here?’ I was not able to stop the river of my romantic feelings for him.
‘No. But can, near the door of this coach.’ There are always possibilities to get things when you ask for them from your bottom of the heart. The God always listens to us. His breezy response passed a hope of filling my thirsty soul with romance.

‘I can not wait.’ I came up in sitting position from laying down and stood up in front of him.
‘Are you crazy?’ He was still sitting and his questioning eyes were filled with fear. I was ready to bring him out from all insecurities.

‘Come with me.’ I hold his hand and walked towards the gate. It was evening around 8 p.m. Many of the passengers were busy with their digital world and I was, with my world, John.
‘Now what?’ We reached the gate of the coach. Train’s voice was only the distrubance between us but I didn’t allow my ears to listen to that voice. I was in his arms. I hold him tightly. My and his both hands were behind each other’s. He back was leaned to the iron wall of coach near the gate. Our eyes were eagerly waiting for each other’s response to close.

‘Should I say something or you got it?’ My overwhelming river of feelings was filled more than its capacity of holding.

His face started coming towards mine. My eyes were going in sleeping mode. The soul was waiting for soulmate’s river of feeling to fall into my heart.

He held my head with both hands. His lips paved mine. The sensation of world’s best feelings started in my soul and it continued with the voice of ‘muuuuaaaah, muuuaaah’ and kept increasing. It was not our first kiss but the feelings of kissing your loved one are everytime different. Kiss is the only thing which keeps a strong bonding between a relationship. It is more powerful than being physical.

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