Nagaland – India

So far we have covered following states of the India in our remote trip – Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Assam. And now I’m in the Nagaland.

Nagaland  is also one of the India’s Northeast state. There is no major issue of language because English declared as the official language of Nagaland. Other than English there are few more local languages including – Nagamese, Ao, Konyak, Lotha, Angami, Sumi, Phom, Yimchungre, Sangtam, Chakru, Chang, Zeliang, Bengali, Rengma, Hindi, Kheza, Khiamniungan, Kuki, Assamese, and Chakhesang. The majority of the population is Christianity.

So, coming to the places and things can be explored in the Nagaland.

  • Kohima

The capital of Nagaland. It is one of the most loved and leading attractions in the state. It is well known for trekking and camping but also there are many developed and attractive places to explore. Japja Peak – It is one of the enchanting beauty places of Nagaland. You will be amazed at being there and while trekking. It is at the Dzukau Valley but do not forget to explore other places in this valley as well.

Other than these – Shilloi Lake, State Museum, World War II Cemetery, Heritage Museum and Craft Centre, Khonoma Village – on of the most popular village of Nagaland, Kisana Heritage Village, Kohima Zoo, Intaki Wildlife Sanctuary, and Kohima Cathedral.

  • Dimapur

It is the entry point of Nagaland. Dimapur attracts tourists with its landscape scenery. It is a commercial place of Nagaland state. Following places you can explore while in Dimapur – Kachari Ruins, Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary, Dimapur Zoological Park, Green Park, Rangapahar Reserve Forest, Diezephe Craft Village, Medziphema, Handloom and Handicrafts Emporium, and Dimapur Ao Baptist Chruch.

  • Mokokchung

Mokokchung is the traditional and cultural capital of Nagaland. It allures us by its culture, traditionalism, and tribes. Mokokchung is the best place in Nagaland to explore and experience its culture and traditional. In the festive season, it gets decorated like a bride. The places where you can head while in the Mokokchung are – Changkikok  Range, Langpangkok Caves, Fusen Kei and Mongzu Ki Caves, Changtongya, Mokokchung Village, Longkhum Village, Longritzu Lenden Valley, Tangkung Marok Spring, Mokokchung District Museum, and Mokokchung Park.

  •   Wokha

To experience the rural life of Nagaland, you may head to this place. Wokha is the homeland of Lotha tribe. Wokha abounds with fruits like oranges, pineapples and plums and the most importantly they all are being cured by organic methods.

The places you can explore while in Nagaland are – Mount Tiyi, Tehurang Valley, Bagthy Valley, Doyang River, Doyang Hydro Project, Totsu Cliff, Totsu Wozhu Lake, and Liphanyan Governor’s Camp.

  • Mon

Mon is one of the mystic places of Nagaland that boasts of rich heritage. This is one of the most loved places by nature lover’ because its landscapes are spectacular. Once you will get into this place, you will be amazed by its wind and environment. It is one of the peaceful places in Nagaland.

The places you can explore here are – Veda Peak – you can go for trekking here, Shangnyu Village, Naganimora, Chui Village, Longwa Village, and Monetelchino Itely.

  • Phek

The Greenland of Nagaland. Its greenery will leave you speechless. Its picturesque and majestic view of greenery will take your breath away. It is considered as the evergreen forest and greenery occupies 70% of Phek’s land.

You can visit whole Phek because I’m not able to figure out which to write or not. But a few of my favourite places are – Zanibu Peak, Dzudu Lake, Pfutsero, Peripheries of Pfutsero Town, Shilloi Lake, Lodiri or Rhododendron Trek, Khezakenoma Village, and Chakesang Cultural Research Institute.

  • Kiphire

It is a small town in Nagaland but not small in bringing peace in your trip. It has some of the awe-inspiring mountains and landscaps. You must explore Kiphire if you are an adventure lover and love trekking, canoeing and rafting.

Following places you can explore – Saramati Peak, Caves of Salomi, Caves of Mimi, Fakim Wildcraft Sanctuary, Wawade Waterfall, Sukhayap Rock Cliff, Yingphi, Twin Stones, Siphi, and Mihki – River of Salt.

Coming to the food in Nagaland. Nagaland’s food is known for its variety and simplicity. Following dishes, you must try once – Samathu, Aikibeye, Akini, Boiled Veletable, Fish Cooked in Bamboo, Bushmeat or Dog meat, and Zutho.

Let’s walk through festivals and celebrations in Nagaland. One of the most cherished and anxious festivals is Hornbill Festival. It is being celebrated every year between 1st December to 7th December in Kohima. If you plan your trip during this period, you will be able to experience whole Nagaland’s tradition, culture, food and many more things at once. In Nagaland, each and every tribes and subtribe has their own festivals to celebrate in their own traditional ceremonial attires. All the tourists are warmly welcomed and bring treated very well so you do not need to worry about your security but yeah your safety is in your hand only.

Other than Hornbill Festival there are a lot of more festivals are being celebrated in Nagaland by the different tribe.

Tribe Angami, the main festival is Sekrenyi. Which is being celebrated in February month of every year. It is a festival of purification of feasting and singing. One of the interesting things of Sekrenyi is therka hie. The therka hie is where young people of the village come together and sing traditional songs throughout the day.

Tribe Rengma, the main festival is Ngada. Tribe Zeliang’s main festival is Hega. Taribe Kuki’s main festival is Mimkut. Tribe Kachari’s main festival is Bashu. Tribe Chakhesang’s main festival is Thsukhenyie & Sukrenyu. Tribe Pochury’s main festival is Yemshe. Tribe Chang’s main festival is Naknyulem. Tribe Ao’s main festival is Moatsu. Tribe Konyak’s main festival is Aoling. Tribe Phom’s main festival is Monya. Tribe Khiamniungam’s main festival is Miu. Tribe Yimchungru’s main festival is Metumniu. Tribe Sangtam’s main festival is Mongmong. Tribe Lotha’s main festival is Tokhu Emong. And tribe Sumi’s main festival is Tulini.

So, this was all about my remote trip to the Nagaland. I hope you loved and got to know a lot of new things about Nagaland and it’s culture.

If you loved it then do not forget to share with your friends.


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