Mizoram – III – India

So far we have covered following states of the India in our remote trip – Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Arunachal Pradesh. And now I’m in the Mizoram and in the Mizoram – I, I met Ananya and in Mizoram – II she started her story.

‘Sorry to interrupt you. Can we walk and talk?’, I asked because I wanted to explore Dartlang Hills as well. I grabbed my travel bag and we started walking, ‘Please continue.’

So my Mom’s death – I was the only person who has to take responsibilities of a house woman. I started learning cooking at an early age of 19. I managed myself to carry the responsibility of woman in the home and also managed my study very well. I was waking up in the early morning; before leaving for the school and then after college – I was cooking food for my dad and brother.

When I entered the college – my brother was about to get married. After a month he got married and sister in law came. And now most of the responsibilities shifted to her and I started concentrating on my study. My brother is honest and he is the man of highest integrity.

One day, I was studying and my sister-in-law came to me and asked, ‘help me in kitchen’s work, I cannot do alone.’ I didn’t know why she said this because she was used to of doing everything. ‘I have a final exam tomorrow so I can not’, I said. She forced me to come with her but I denied. She had a water jug in her hand and she threw it to me. All the books went wet and I started yelling at her. She was narrow-minded in all perspective.

As days started passing she was becoming inconvenient and troublesome for me in terms of eating food, studying, taking bath, going Church, meeting my friends and much more ways and I was trying my best to escape her. I fed up with her shabby behaviour.

‘Again sorry to interrupt you. I’m here in the Mizoram to explore places and it’s beauty. So wouldn’t it be better if we travel together and you continue your story because it seems a great story so far and also it would be great if we travel together and then I have planned to visit the Assam.’
‘Oh. It seems you are not interested in my story. Okay, let’s walk’, she stood up and said.

‘No. It’s not like that. I just said that it would be better to talk while walk.’
‘I understand.’ And we started exploring the pleasant place of Aizawl, Mizoram that is Dartlang Hills.

‘Would you like to travel Mizoram with me? And then Assam?’, I didn’t know what would be her answer but I asked her.
‘I can let you explore Aizawl only. I cannot come with you because I have to go to college.’

‘Cool. But you said, your college is in the Assam. And now you are saying?’
‘Yeah. I said, but you didn’t listen to the complete story.’

‘I’m sorry, please continue.’

Well, day after day she was becoming rude to me and sometimes I started yelling at her. Those days were my life’s saddest days. In one side, I was carrying an empty jar to fulfil my dreams and another side, she was trying to break the jar. You know, you will be able to find all kinds of human being in this world. Either, good and bad. I do not know why God sends bad people into the world. Why he cannot make this world a peaceful where each and every human being can do whatever they want. There are too many people who are facing issues with their families and I was one of them. So, days started becoming months and she was becoming a roadblock so I decided to move somewhere else for my study. I convinced my Dad about this step but he was concerned about me and my safety as every Dad of this planet is for his daughter. Finally, he agreed and I moved to the Mizoram to continue my study.

‘But, driving auto?’, I didn’t get the answer of why she was driving an auto, which was my main point to talk to her so I asked.
‘Driving an auto is a random idea which I got last month when I was in need of money and I didn’t want to ask Dad. So, I decided to drive an auto on weekends for my expenditure.’

‘Oh. Great. You are really inspiring. Where on one side of this world who are complaining about their parents that we didn’t get from our parents and another side an inspiration like you exists. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m glad and I wish you all the very best for your future. And work hard so you will be able to fill your jar of dreams soon. I know once you will fill your jar, after that you will surely help other thirsty people.’
‘Thank you’, her smiling face was describing how she is struggling.

‘So, what’s next? Where can we go? Is there any other place in Aizwal like this?’ I reminded me, I’m on India trip.
‘So, in Aizwal, you won’t such places like Dartlang Hills but yeah there are few places including – Solomon’s Temple, Mizoram State Museum, Burra Bazar, Reiek Heritage Village, KV Paradise, Tamdil Lake, Khawanglung Wildlife Sancentury and a few of more places which you can explore.’

‘What about food in the Mizoram?’
‘Although, most of the food is Chinese and rest are including – Bai, Koat Pitha, Vawksha Rep, Bambo Shoot Fry and Panch Poran Tarka. My favourite is Bai and I love it. I’ll take you to a place where you can have good food.’

After spending few hours at the Dartlang Hills we left to have food and then we left for the Mizoram State Museum and then Khawanglung Wildlife Sanctuary.

This was the first city which I travelled with someone. And Ananya was a good and dedicated girl. We shared a lot of things and when I was leaving from the Aizwal, she felt quite emotional but had to.

Aizwal was a great city and gave me a good friend like Ananya. After Aizwal I went to the Serchhip district of the Mizoram and spent a good time with rural people. While on your Mizoram trip you can also make a visit to Champhai – is a beautiful area amongst hills, Lunglei and Mamit.

So this was all about my remote trip to Mizoram and it was a fiction.


Let’s go to the Assam



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