Mizoram – I – India

So far we covered following states of the India in our remote trip – Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Arunachal Pradesh. And Now.

It’s Mizoram. A sister from seven sisters states of Northeast India. I was enjoying my solo trip to India and here I reached the North bottom of the India. Next to me was Bangladesh. My train stopped at the Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram. The people of Mizoram are calm and they have patience. They call themselves as Mizo Community. More than half of the population lives in the Mizoram’s urban areas and Mizoram is known for the high production of ‘Bamboo’ and a major source of living is agriculture.

I came out of the train and headed towards the exit gate of the Railway Station. I looked here and there at the exit for a taxi or auto. An auto rickshaw came near me and stopped. She, yes she, was wearing a half Mizo traditional that is except white tee. She was carrying a look similar to a Chinese girl. Her both hands were busy in handling the handle of the autorickshaw. I kept looking at her for a while because she was beautiful and how a beautiful girl drives an auto. Should she not be somewhere in the museum? Should she have not go to a rooftop restaurant for a candlelight dinner? Should she not be with her boyfriend or should she not be in the college instead of driver’ job?

‘Ho’, she asked. The most of the Mizo people do not know the Hindi and English. They use Mizo language but to communicate with outsiders they just use, ‘I go’, ‘You come’, ‘You come today’, ‘I help you’ and like this.

‘Hi, Would you like to drive to the Durtlang Hills?’, I asked her. She kept looking at me in her initial position.
‘You go Dartlang Hills?’, she caught a word ‘Durtlang Hills’ from my question because it was well known for her so she meant to, ‘You want to go to Dartlang Hills?’

‘Yes’, I said and smiled.
‘Come, I go’, she meant to, ‘Come and sit. I’ll take you to the Dartlang Hills.’ I sat in the auto and she started the meter and we left from the railway station.

‘Chibai, Ekhai!’, I said in Mizo language. Don’t worry, I do not know Mizo language, I just learnt few words while my way to the Mizoram.
‘You Mizo language?’, she looked in the middle mirror and asked, ‘Do you know Mizo language?’

‘No. Few words’, I said in her language because when you speak with someone and if he or she does not know your language then you try to communicate in their language only.
‘Tlailam chibai’, she said ‘good morning’ in Mizo language while looking into the middle mirror.

‘Tlailam chibai’, I said with a smile while looking at her eyes in the middle mirror.
‘You here only?’, I meant to, ‘You are from here only?’. I asked because people in all north Indian states were looking quite similar and looks like chinease.

‘No. Assam’, she meant to, ‘No, I’m from Assam.’ Her response made me be more curous to know about her and her story. I wanted to know more about her.

‘Your name?’, I meant to, ‘What’s your name?’ She looked up into the mirror and looked at me for a while, ‘focus driving’, I meant to, ‘Focus on driving please.’
Ananya‘, she replied, ‘You?’, she wanted to ask the same question to me.

‘I’m Raj. Raj Suthar’, As as said, ‘Raj’, she took the auto to the side and stopped. I was confused about why she stopped the auto. She turned her face back to me with a big smile on her face. Her heart was full of happiness. ‘You Shahrukh? Raj?’, she meant to, ‘You are Shahrukh Khan?’. Shahrukh Khan is an Indian movie actor who has played most of the characters named as ‘Raj’.

‘No. I’m not that Raj’, I said and disappointed her. She started driving again and we carried our talk further. It was afternoon around 1:30 pm. After the driving of 30 min, we reached to the Durtlang Hills. So far I didn’t get to know about her complete story and because of that, I couldn’t allow myself to ask her while she was leaving.

‘You want come?’, I meant to, ‘Would you like to come with me?’.
She smiled and said, ‘Not we’, she meant to, ‘It’s not for us. We are not made to explore these places.’

Her reply made me more curious to know about her and I insisted her, ‘You don’t come. I not going’, I meant to, ‘If you won’t then I won’t be going to visit.’ Yeah, I started emotional blackmailing her because I wanted to know her story and the reason behind the driver’s job. ‘But. I not. I go’, she meant to, ‘But I can not come and I have to go’. I already decided that I’ll be visiting this place with her only. I sat in the auto back, ‘If you not then I not going’, I meant to, ‘If you are not coming then I won’t be going.’ She turned her face back to me and was looking confused. Maybe she was thinking about her security and what if she come with me? What if I did something wrong with her? But I didn’t mean to any of these questions because I was just interested in her story only. What was that so she was driving instead of college or a job? What was that so she was in the Mizoram instead of Assam? Who brought her in the Mizoram? Did she come on her own? What was the reason behind her happiness? Why was she so much happy after even driver’s job?

These all questions were fighting with each other in my mind and I wanted the answer of all those. Finally, after a pause of one minute in the auto, she agreed, ‘Ok. I come’, and smiled.


take me to the next part of the Mizoram


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