Bihar – India

So far we covered following states of the India in our remote trip – Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh. And Now.

Yeah, I’m also thinking that why I reached to this state as there are not too many good places which I heard of but let’s calm down and travel. I hope we will be able to see some good places in the Bihar as well.

  • Gaya

I didn’t hear about it. Gaya is one of the famous places in Bihar which is also a spiritual place. In Gaya, you will be able to see temples and historic places. The major attractions in Gaya have – Bodhgaya, Mahabodhi Temple, Barbar Cavas, Bodhi Tree, and a few places to make a visit.

  • Nalanda

Nalanda is the oldest University is Bihar and it is a must visit place while your trip to Bihar. It’s saying that God Buddha delivered lectures here. The places you can visit are following – Nalanda Archeological Museum, Silao, Nalanda Multimedia Museum and if you are going to schedule your trip in October then Rajgir Dance Festival is a must visit.

  • Munger

Munger is also a good tourist place in Bihar. Here you will see too many visitors from out of India but I don’t know why they visit this place. It has few things including – Shri Krishna Vatika, Chandika Aastahan, Sita Kund, Baptist Mission, Munger Fort, Kali Pahadi, and Sitla Mandir. You can reach easily via private vehicle or an auto from Jamalpur railway station.

  • Vaishali

Vaishali is one of the archaeological places in Bihar. Here you will be able to see old stones’ building where nobody exists, maybe you are the first one to go stay there if you planned to stay. Sorry, I do not have anything else to write about Vaishali.

  • Patna

The capital of the Bihar and the largest city in Bihar. It used to call as Patliputra. It believed that this is the birthplace of Guru Govind Singh. The places you can go through are – Patna Museum, Padri Ki Haveli, Golghar, Qila House, Kaun, Budha Smriti Park and few other places. As this is the capital of Bihar so you won’t find any difficulty in reaching here and also there won’t be any trouble of food, both veg and non-veg.

These were the few places to make a visit while in Bihar but there are few more places where you may extend your trip are – Navlakha Place, Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall, Jalmandir, Gridhakuta Peak, Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Sher Shah Suri Tomb, Vikramshila Ruins, Janki Temple, Kanwar Lake Bird Santuary, Kesaria Stupa, Barabar Caves, Thai Monastery, and Buxar Fort.

In Bihar, you also will be able to find different kind of food including – Litti Chokha, Dal Pitha, Kheer Makhana, Dal Puri, Parwal Ki Mithai and Chana Ghunji.

Try to schedule your trip in October so you will be able to attend Chhath Festival. It dated between 24 October to 26 October.

In Bihar, you can go for shopping of handicraft because its well known for good handicraft items. Also, if you love art and painting then you must explore Madhubani Art. Madhubani Art is also known as Mithila Painting and which is painted via fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens and matchsticks and most important thing is mostly these paintings are made by women.

It would be great to interact with Tribes. They have a pure soul. They will love to host you. If you want to see a different perspective of your life then you must take a visit to tribes of Bihar. They all have different kind of celebrations, festivals, food, and rituals. If you would be able to manage yourself comfortable with someone there then it would end where you won’t be able to say good bye to them easily.

Another thing in Bihar which is loved by India is its culture and different types of dance forms. One of them is Chhau Dance Performance. Chhau is generally can be seeing in the Orisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand but also it is being communicated very well in Bihar. Chhau dance form requires a lot of effort to accomplish. Men and women perform this with masks.

While visiting a lot of places if you got tired then you can take a ride on Mahaparinirvan Express. It is a special train in Bihar to let you explore few of Buddhist places including – Nalanda, Gaya, Rajgir and few more.

Last but not a least, you have one more option to add to your Bihar trip bucket list is, the birthplace of Sita. It is Sitamarhi. Sitamarhi is well known as a historic and pilgrimage place. It has a 100 years old temple that is Janki Temple and which is believed to be a place where Sita was born.

So this was one of the awe-inspiring trips to the Bihar. The places become well known and famous when we make a visit and share it with others. Bihar is mostly considered as a less attracted state but it is really awe-inspiring land to explore. I hope you enjoyed the trip to Bihar and would love to share with others as well.


So, my next destination is Arunachal Pradesh


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